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Specialist Edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing for Windsurfing

Ergo Hestia Techno 293 Plus European Championship COMPLETED and, NOW, the Techno 293 European Championships

2016 Olympic games are starting in less then 10 days. Some competitors in RIO are past champions from BIC Techno 293 class. And in his home town here in Sopot we have also London bronze medalist Przemyslaw Miarczynski, this time sitting in the coach boat and passing on his knowledge to youngsters. How does he enjoy his first big event in a new role and more in this video . . .

Posted On:  26/07/2016 10:42:34

Today was the first day of racing in Sopot for the Junior and Youth Techno293 sailors.  U17 and U15 race on separate race courses, one situated in front of the club and the other next to Sopot's pier.  12 races are planned for the whole regatta, which gives an average of two per day for each fleet. ......( more )

Techno 293 Europeans Ready to Go in Sopot!
Posted On:  24/07/2016 11:20:08

The Opening Ceremony has taken place, registration has now closed and competitors are eagerly awaiting the practice race.  For all the news, tracking, results, photos and more keep a watch on the event website.

Posted On:  23/07/2016 10:09:37

This year Sopot hosted the very first European Championship of the new Youth Olympic windsurfing class, the Techno293 Plus.  46 competitors from 13 countries competed in the regatta. During the five days of racing the race committee managed to conduct all 15 planned races including a marathon race and slalom.  Proving that the class is versatile and suitable for different race formats. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/07/2016 09:39:37

Two races were held in the Ergo Hestia Techno293 Plus European Championships in Sopot today.

Not many changes in the podium places, but sailors preferring light wind conditions were on top today.......( more )

Marathon Time in Sopot
Posted On:  20/07/2016 11:20:41

A beautiful day today in Sopot.  Perfect windsurfing conditions allowed for the fleet to complete two course races and a marathon alongside the beaches of Sopot.

Results and full coverage on the event website

Gallery - Robert Hajduk  / Gallery - Patrik Pollak

Posted On:  18/07/2016 11:20:24

Racing has started today for the 46 competitors from 13 countries, including three non-European countries, at the Techno 293 Plus European Championships hosted by Sopot Sailing Club, Poland.  ......( more )

Posted On:  13/06/2016 15:06:41

All Bic Techno Riders are invited to participate in the "Tour Duf Windsurf" from 1st to 6th August.  It is an itinerant windsurf journey across Finistere (Brittany, France) taking place this summer, organised by Aloha Attitude.  Discover beautiful beaches and enjoy the Finistere's coastline.......( more )

BIC Techno 293 Plus, new youth olympic class is ready to bring fun back in to windsurfing. Multi discipline events with slalom and long distance, fun and friendly atmosphere with fair racing on equal ground using one design equipment. Ready to go, ready to grow . . .

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