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BIC Techno 293 Plus WORLDS 2017 - Day 4

Part of the championship is also racing in the Open fleet. Anybody between 0-99 can join, but it is mostly the “Japanese territory” here in Quiberon. The class is really popular in Japan especially among university students. Best talent from fleet of 500 racers in Japan is dominating the Open fleets here in France. More in the video ...

Posted by International Techno 293 Plus Class Association on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Posted On:  20/07/2017 09:16:14

A title that sums up the Techno293Plus Open fleet. A fleet dominated by Japanese sailors, who turned up in numbers here in Quiberon. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/07/2017 09:31:10

It was not an easy day for the Race Committee and the sailors, but the trouble ahead could not have been foreseen.......( more )

Posted On:  18/07/2017 09:43:37

Today all fleets managed to get two races in although the wind lasted only until noon and then never came back.

Giorgia Speciale, the multi-time Techno293 medallist, is here in Quiberon back on the T293Plus for the World Championships. Although she knows the equipment well the format is a novelty. Here is how she commented on racing on the M course:......( more )
Posted On:  17/07/2017 09:03:15

It's a World championship and it's never easy. The first day started with a fight, but unfortunately it was a fight of frontal wind against the usual sea breeze that appears here normally. That caused some delay and the scheduled starts had to be postponed until the late afternoon........( more )

Posted On:  16/07/2017 11:03:25

If you want to win gold medal at Olympic Games like Faustine Merret, who officially opened this championship, did in Athens, the best place to start is here in Quiberon. ......( more )

Charter Offer
Posted On:  29/06/2017 16:13:09

The contact e-mail address printed on the "Special Offer" form - bicsport_adv@bicworld.com - is unfortunately not functioning.  Please note that this is now the e-mail address to be used: thomas.fatosme@bicworld.com  We apologise for this inconvenience.

8.5 rigs can be sold immediately after the close of the T293 Plus World Championships in Quiberon and the 7.8 / 6.8 rigs and boards after the T293 European Championships in Lorient.



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