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Coming soon . . .
Specialist Edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing for Windsurfing

NEXT UP . . . Techno 293 World Championships - Torbole Sul Garda, 22-29 October 2016

Torbole 293 Garda Trentino World Championship Opening Ceremony

Alessandra Sensini con il taglio del nastro apre ufficialmente a Torbole i Mondiali Techno 293 con oltre 600 persone tra partecipanti, coach e autorità. Un evento che lancia un bel segnale positivo tra tanti giovani provenienti da oltre 30 Paesi con culture, religioni, lingue, abitudini assai diverse tra loro: tutti accomunati però dalla grande passione per la tavola a vela e il vento, che sul Garda Trentino non manca mai. International Techno 293 Class Association Garda Trentino Lago di Garda Circolo Surf Torbole Torbole FIV - Federazione Italiana Vela

Posted by Circolo Surf Torbole on Saturday, 22 October 2016

BIC Techno 293 Plus, new youth olympic class is ready to bring fun back in to windsurfing. Multi discipline events with slalom and long distance, fun and friendly atmosphere with fair racing on equal ground using one design equipment. Ready to go, ready to grow . . .

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Posted On:  05/09/2016 12:23:26

The 2016 AGM will take place during the forthcoming Worlds in Torbole Sul Garda, Tentino, Italy - and is scheduled for Thursday 27th October.

The exact time and location will be published on the championship Official Notice Board; with a start time depending upon the end of racing for that day.

As this year is an election year, members are invited to nominate persons for the Committee.

The Agenda for the meeting will include:
- Minutes from 2015 AGM and any Matters Arising
- Chairman's Report
- Financial Report
- Class Committee Elections
- Recommendations from the Committee
- Proposals received from the members.

A detailed Agenda, including any proposals/submissions to be voted upon, will be published no later than the 6th October.

Proposals from members:
- to change Class Rules or Championship Rules
- to amend the Constitution
- for Championship venues
- for Any Other Business
should be submitted to the class secretary no later than the 28th September.

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