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Coming soon . . .
Specialist Edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing for Windsurfing

 . . . ON NOW . . . Techno 293 World Championships in Salou, Spain - 21-28 October 2017! . . .

BIC Techno 293 WORLDS 2017 Salou - Day 3

They are all fighters because if you want to achieve something in sport it takes time and dedication. Like Alexander Lim who improved a lot in past few years or Dana Kosyak who not only fights hard during the days on water, but also sings. All about that and much more in this video.

Posted by International Techno 293 Class Association on Wednesday, 25 October 2017

BIC Techno 293 WORLDS 2017 Salou - Day 2

Conditions today suited the LIGH WIND SPECIALISTS. And in U15 category they are the current championship leaders. They are both from Israel and they do not hide the fact they like these conditions. Posting 1,1 a.k.a. " two bullets" today proves, that they not only like the conditions, but they are very fast around the course.

Posted by International Techno 293 Class Association on Tuesday, 24 October 2017
Notice of 2017 Techno 293 Annual General Meeting
Posted On:  19/08/2017 10:17:19

The 2017 AGM will take place during the forthcoming Worlds in Salou, Spain - and is scheduled for Thursday 26th October.

The exact time and location will be published on the championship Official Notice Board; with a start time depending upon the end of racing for that day.

The Agenda for the meeting will include:
- Minutes from 2016 AGM and any Matters Arising
- Chairman's Report
- Financial Report
- Recommendations from the Committee
- Proposals received from the members.

There are no committee elections this year.

A detailed Agenda, including any proposals/submissions to be voted upon, will be published no later than the 10th October.

Proposals from members:
- to change Class Rules or Championship Rules
- to amend the Constitution 
- for Championship venues
- for Any Other Business
should be submitted to the class secretary - t293@internationalwindsurfing.com  - no later than the 30th September.


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