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 . . . ON NOW . . . Techno293 Plus European Championships, Mondello, 1-7 April

BIC Techno 293 Plus EUROPEANS 2018 - Day 0(6)

130 young windsurfing talents from 27 nations, Youth olympic qualification, One of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Sun, Wind, Clear water, Warm weather. These are the main ingredients for this Easter windsurfing event.

Posted by International Techno 293 Plus Class Association on Sunday, 1 April 2018

See you in Mondello!

Techno293Plus European Championships trailer

Posted by International Techno 293 Plus Class Association on Friday, 16 March 2018
An Important Event
Posted On:  27/02/2018 11:22:51

"Even the locals said it was windy," said a young sailor from Chile after the first set of races today. And it was.

Over 20 kts in gusts were registered by the Race Committee today, which meant racing was both exciting and tiring for the sailors. All in all, 4 races were conducted for the Youth Men and 3 for Youth Women bringing them to a total of 8 and 6 sailed.

Pilar German, who is representing Club de Regatas Lima, is very happy to be hosting the event. "It's very important for us to host this event and that we could invite many countries to come to Paracas. Our Peruvian sailors can compete against competitors from all around America, also those from countries with strong windsurfing traditions. We began developing Olympic Windsurfing only four years ago and I think we have made much progress, even more so we are happy to see everyone here.  For us, windsurfing is very important. It is a big part of our children's education. It keeps them out of harm's way. They are performing sport, close to nature. A very good mixture for us. When going abroad the sailors themselves also get a chance to represent the country," she added.

Will Peruvian windsurfers get a chance to represent their country at the Youth Olympic Games? Just two more days to go and we will know.

Tomorrow more exciting races, as slalom is scheduled for the fleets.

Stay tuned.


Techno 293 Plus approved
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