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Attractive Alternative Option for T293 Equipment for Worlds in SFO
Posted On:  17/03/2011 14:17:34

Quantities are limited, but another option for sailors is to purchase new Techno 293 equipment for the World Championships, delivered to the St. Francis YC event site and available starting July 15. The board will be delivered with T293 board bag for your return trip home. This will save on one way transportation to San Francisco, and you will have brand new gear for the World Championships.

Availability is strictly limited and is offered on first come/first serve basis. If available, all new gear must be confirmed and paid for by May 20, 2011.

To sign up for purchasing new gear with the special World Championship discount, contact the T293 North American Class Representative, Nevin Sayre.  Remember, quantities are limited and this equipment will be available on first come first serve basis.

Special World Championship Offer delivered to St. Francis YC event site by July 15, 2011

Techno 293 One Design with board bag (no rig) $1,190 USD
7.8m One Design rig $ 935 USD
6.8m One Design rig $ 935 USD
5.8m One Design rig $ 850 USD

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