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New User Warning issued by Bic Sport
Posted On:  06/04/2011 18:31:01

Bic Sport are in the process of upgrading the User Warnings that they deliver with their products.

A new User Warning has recently been issued for T293 OD Lower Section Mastfoot - see this part's Product Page on the BIC Windsurf website.  This same User Warning will also be included in all User Manuals delivered with all boards + rigs, and also with all deliveries of the T293 OD Lower Section Mastfoot.

You will also find it on the equipment page of this website.

Bic Sport want to make sure that all T293 OD users are well aware that:

  • They need to check this product regularly for any signs of wear and tear, and immediately replace it if necessary.

  • There are certain risks associated with the breakage of this part, and therefore they need to act accordingly and safely when going on the water.
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