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Europeam Team Racing Championship underway in Mondello, Sicily
Posted On:  19/05/2011 15:11:45

The 2011 Techno European Open Team Racing Championships got underway today in Mondello, Sicily. This championship is once again part of the world famous World Festival on the Beach organised by the Albaria Club.

Nine teams lined up to challenge for the title - 2 teams from each of Great Britain, Israel, Italy, and Spain, plus one team from Russia. With this increased team entry it was decided to run one 9 team Round Robin, to be followed later in the week by semi finals and a Final. Three 'flights' were completed - no team was dominant, the day finished with 4 teams tied at the top - each with two race wins - Spain 1, Great Britain 2, Russia and Israel 2.

Racing continues - you can follow the action on the webcam - http://www.albaria.com/mondellowebcam.htm


Full results

Here is the link to the photo gallery: http://www.wwfestival.com/wwf/wwf2011/photogallery/index.html

Event Website for the World Festival on the Beach: http://www.wwfestival.com/wwf/default1.htm

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