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2011 Techno 293 European Championships
22-28 October 2011 - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


U17 Boys  /  U17 Girls  /  U15 Boys  /  U15 Girls  /  Open

Patrik Pollak's photogallery / Foto Vincenzo Baglione / EVENT SUMMARY REPORT IN PDF

A full days racing on the final day

Great racing conditions on the last day of the European Championships in Cagliari, Sardinia, ensured the full programme of scheduled races was completed.

At the close of day 4 it was still an open championship - with titles to be won and lost in all divisions.

In the under 15 boys only 2 points separated first and third placed sailors! In the under 17 girls it was 4 points, but silver and bronze medal places were only separated by a tie break.

The Gold medal placed under 17 boy recovered from a poor start in the first race of today to clinch his first European title. Only in the under 15 girls did the eventual champion finish the regatta with a clear lead over the evenly matched silver and bronze medalists.

Congratulations to the race committee, under the leadership of Franco Pagliarini, for 12 superb races for the young windsurfers from 16 countries, and to the dedicated team of volunteers assembled by the Windsurfing Club Cagliari.

Well done to all the competitors for great spirit and camaraderie throughout the championship.

Podium finishers:

Under 15 Girls
1) Emma Wilson, Great Britain
2) Delphine Jariel, France
3) Eugenia Bologna, Italy

Under 15 Boys
1) Mikita Tsirkin, Belarus
2) Artiom Javadov, Belarus
3) Mattia Onali, Italy

Under 17 Girls
1) Shabar Tibi, Israel
2) Marta Maggetti, Italy
3) Emma Labourne, Great Britain

Under 17 Boys
1) Andrey Zagainov, Russia
2) Philippe Lafay, France
3) Bautista Saubidet, Argentina


Only one race was possible today for some of the divisions at the T293 Europeans in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Whilst the under 17 boys enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach, the under 15 boys were first to be called out to race after an initial postponement. It was necessary for them to complete one race so that the the 6 race qualification series could be completed and the final split to Gold and Silver be made.

It was difficult conditions, and different from the previous day - with very light and shifty winds the order of the day. As a consequence, the results did not follow the pattern of the previous 2 days - and top finishers appeared from throughout the top 20 in the current rankings. This pattern was repeated in the only other race of the day for the women's divisions.

For the final 2 days the boy will race in their allocated Gold and Silver fleets - with under 17 boys and girls scheduled to start first tomorrow.

Today's results:

Under 15 boy -
1) Mikita Tsirkun (BLR 714)
2) Olmeta (FRA 152)
3) Giuseppe Zerillo (ITA 999)

1) Oleksanor Goncharenko (UKR 46)
2) Antonio Congemi (ITA 17)
3) Mikhail Martynov (RUS 686)

Under 15 Girl -
1) Delphine Jariel (FRA 800)
2) Shay Zeidenberg (ISR 645)
3) Sarah Labourne (GBR 814)

Under 17 Girl -
1) Marta Maggetti (ITA 157)
2) Heller Hadar (ISR 609)
3) Zuzanna Czurylo (POL 287)

Full Results - U17 Boys & Girls / U15 Boys & Girls / Open

A very full 2 days of racing at the Techno Europeans . . .

Variable conditions faced the competitors over the opening 2 days of racing at the 2011 Techno European Championships, hosted by the Windsurfing Club Cagliari in Sardinia.
6 races have been completed by the under youth competitors - boys and girls that are under 17 years of age. The junior division, for those under 15 years of age, have completed 5 races.

The lighter winds and flat water that faced the young racers on Monday were replaced today by more challenging conditions - with winds gusting to 20 knots, 2 metres swell, and waves breaking on the beach.

The under 17 boys have been racing a qualifying series, and from tomorrow they will race in gold and silver fleets; the under 15 boys have one more race to complete qualification for the gold fleet and a chance to be on the podium at the close of the championship.

The girls schedule is less complicated but no less challenging; and at the half way stage there is still a big battle for medals.

Here are the top 3 places in all divisions at the close of racing today:

Junior Girl
1) Emma Wilson (GBR 461)
2) Delphine Jariel (FRA 800)
3) Euginia Bologna (ITA 10)
Junior Boy
1) Mikita Tsirkun (BLR 714)
2) Yoav Omer (ISR 294)
3) Mattia Onali (ITA 134)

Youth Girl
1) Emma Labourne (GBR 719)
2) Shahar Tibi (ISR 606)
3) Marta Maggetti (ITA 157)

Youth Boy
1) Baz Bell (ISR 619)
2) Bautista Saubidet (ARG 401)
3) Philippe Lafay (FRA 43)

What a fleet for Techno 293 European Championships!

The Registration office had to do extra time on Sunday to welcome tens of late entries. Total number of competitors jumped to 249. Under 17 and Under 15 boys (88 in each category) will be split into two groups. One group each for girls Under 17 (44 entries) and Under 15 (29 entries).

It all started with the great North American Championships in Cozumel, Mexico in February. Then the Europeans in team racing in Palermo in May. Many national and international regattas to prepare for the spectacular World Championships in San Francisco in July.

But summer for the Techno 293 kids is not over yet. It's October and some parts of Europe are already covered in snow but the Techno endless summer continues in Cagliari, Sardinia. Great location and 250 kids again on the start. They will fight for the European titles.

It's sunny, it's warm, wind is blowing. Everybody is excited and ready to have fun . . .

BIC TECHNO 293 Europeans trailer

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The race area for the Windsurfing Cagliari 2011 Techno 293 and Raceboard Championships will be 0.5 miles E-SE from the Marina Piccola harbour and just 0.2 miles off Poetto beach.

360 Club Tour

We are testing some new equipment here in Cagliari. For the first time on the windsurfing event you have a chance to make an interactiove tour of the club.  Play the video and with arrows our mouse choose you view angle, zoom in or out. It is something that has never been done before on the windsurfing event and want to know if you like it or not, what do you want to see in the next video.

Another great year for BIC TECHNO 293 class, biggest windsurfing class in the world. After spectacular world championships in San Francisco everybody will meet once again to fight this time for the European titles.

Cagliari, Sardinia guarantees great sailing conditions in spectacular place once again. Future stars of windsurfing are there 22.-28.October 2011 and you can see all the action in our daily reports starting 22nd of October.

Blu & Blu has been selected by Windsurfing Club Cagliari as boat rental partner for the 2011 Techno European Windsurfing Championships.

Cagliari, capital of the island of Sardinia, will be the venue for the Junior Youth and Masters European Championships taking place from 22nd to 28th October. Windsurfing Club Cagliari has hosted many windsurfing championships, a friendly and well organised club that has a great beach front with access to a wide bay offering superb racing conditions. The club base is on the Poetto, the main beach of Cagliari, which stretches for about eight kilometers, from Sella del Diavolo (the Devil's Saddle) up to the coastline of Quartu Sant'Elena. Not only is Cagliari a world renowned windsurfing location, the city is an important regional cultural and artistic centre, known for its diverse Art Nouveau architecture and several monuments Cagliari is well served for travellers with a main port and ferry terminal and an international airport.

Organized by:

Windsurfing Club Cagliari
in co-operation with
Techno293 Italy
& F.I.V. - Federazione Italiana Vela

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