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Competition/2011/Team Racing
26th edition

World Festival on the Beach

Mondello, Palermo, Sicily
16th to 22nd May 2011.

Final Results
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Event Website for the World Festival on the Beach


Russia takes European Team Racing title in Mondello, Sicily

In the semi final stages it was best of three races with the teams lining up as Italy 1 v Israel 2 and Russia v Israel 1

Meeting in the finals were Russia and Italy 1.

Final positions after the close of racing:

Russia (1st); Italy 1 (2nd); Israel 1 (3rd); Israel 2 (4th)

Techno European Team Champions - Team Russia:

Eugeny Ayvazyan
Andrey Zagaynov
Stefaniya Elfutina

Semi-Finalists decided on day 2 in Mondello - 19/05/11

After a very full day of racing at the European Team Racing Championships, the teams were confirmed for the semi finals.

The top four teams in the 9 team Round Robin go forward to tomorrow's racing and will compete for a place in the final - Italy 1 will meet Israel 2 and Russia will meet Israel 1.

Six Flights were completed - and Italy 1 must go into the final days racing as favourites, having won all of their matches in the round robin. This team is from Cagliari, Sardinia, and coached by Mauro Covre who is also national coach for the Italian team. However it is anyone's guess who they could meet in the final as two very strong teams - Russia and Israel 1 - go head to head in the other semi final.

The championship is part of the famous World Festival on the Beach Festival, now in its 26th edition, hosted by the Albaria Club, Mondello, Sicily.

European Team Racing Championship underway in Mondello, Sicily - 18/05/2011

The 2011 Techno European Open Team Racing Championships got underway today in Mondello, Sicily. This championship is once again part of the world famous World Festival on the Beach organised by the Albaria Club.

Nine teams lined up to challenge for the title - 2 teams from each of Great Britain, Israel, Italy, and Spain, plus one team from Russia. With this increased team entry it was decided to run one 9 team Round Robin, to be followed later in the week by semi finals and a Final. Three 'flights' were completed - no team was dominant, the day finished with 4 teams tied at the top - each with two race wins - Spain 1, Great Britain 2, Russia and Israel 2.

Racing continues -

Mondello, lays along an enchanting gulf, near Palermo in Italy, between Monte Pellegrino and Capo Gallo; it is the most important seaside resort in Sicily. In the last decade, it went through an extraordinary touristic development. It offers excellent hotels and a lot of entertainment activities - more info here

Organised by Albaria Club, this annual festival of music & sport will once again feature the European Open Team Racing Championships for the RS:X and Techno 293 classes.

Team racing is a discipline that is growing in popularity with windsurfers and the Albaria Club have been instrumental in promoting its development. Entry is limited to 16 teams in each class and team leaders and coaches should contact the club directly to register for the event via email :

The Sicily Grand Prix is fleet racing for 3 classes - RSX, T293 and Raceboard - and will take place from 20th to 22nd May. The members of Teams gain automatic entry to the Grand Prix; other racers can enter by sending an entry form attached to the Notice Of Race

This event is a great opportunity to get some early season training in readiness for the World Championships in July

2010 Photo Album

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