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For the third year running, the Techno 293 European Team Racing Championships will form part of the famous annual festival of music & sport - World Festival on the Beach, organised by Albaria Club - from 14th to 20th May in Mondello.


Race Results here

Here are the highlights from the third BIC Techno European team championship
Techno 293 Youth Team Race European Championship Day Five
Posted On: 21/05/2012 10:49:54

Life is sweet here in Mondello. But week of sun, fun water and beach sports came to the end. It was great to be part of that "DOLCE VITA" ...

Techno 293 Youth Team Race European Championship Day Four
Posted On: 20/05/2012 10:49:54

Saturday on the beach in Mondello is something that is hard to write about, dificult to capture in photo or video. You have to be here to see, feel and understand. this is just a little attempt to capture the best moments of another World festival on the beach day.

Techno 293 Youth Team Race European Championship Day Three
Posted On: 19/05/2012 10:49:54

Why did the windsurfing got out of the olympics? Maybe because we forgot about the golden 50/50 rule. Organizers here in Mondello remember it well that is why people love to come over and over again ....

Techno 293 Youth Team Race European Championship
Posted On: 18/05/2012 06:18:13

Life is full of challenges. And it has not been any different today.
Thanks to hard work of organizers beach got bigger this morning, as well as the swell overnight.
Side shore winds coming down from the big mountain were gusting from 5-30knots so it is hard to imagine
more challenging conditions for racing and especially team racing as today. Hard for the olympians, even harder for the techno kids ...
Techno 293 Youth Team Race European Championship
Posted On: 17/05/2012 06:18:13

First day of World festival on the the beach and we know already there is gonna be twice as much fun in 2012. Team racing started today with gusty and shifty winds. Difficult for some but still a great day in Mondello.

Notice of Race

Team racing is a discipline that is growing in popularity with windsurfers and the Albaria Club have been instrumental in promoting its development. Entry is limited to 16 teams, no more than 2 teams per country. Each team consists of three competitors, from the same country, including at least one boy and one girl. Team leaders and coaches should contact the club directly to register for the event via email :

Team members will automatically be entered into the Sicily Grand Prix at no extra cost.

View 2011 Videos from the World Festival on the Beach:

"All the action from World festival on beach. Enjoy great Mondello addiction, future stars as well as legends of windsurfing surviving the judgment day and creating another great event with spirit that only Mondello has." - The Full Story by SVK1PP

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Mondello, lays along an enchanting gulf, near Palermo in Italy, between Monte Pellegrino and Capo Gallo; it is the most important seaside resort in Sicily. In the last decade, it went through an extraordinary touristic development. It offers excellent hotels and a lot of entertainment activities - more info here


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