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Brian Haybittle (NZL - friends with JP Tobin) commented on International Techno 293 Class Association's link. Brian wrote: "Thanks for the update and strong statement. We will be sailing Techno's in NZ regardless of the decision too. But we hope it will be changed."

Arnon Dagan ( ISR -Pro/PWA racer) - "Nice news letter but too weak! The techno had to go with much stronger approach in my opinion ..."

Knut Thorkaas (NOR racer and parent ) - "Hi, just to clarify, T 293 is good fun and I have nothing wrong to say about it. What I dislike is when Windsurfing gets this low status feeding class mark on it in ISAF...."

Patrik de Bruyn ( BEL and parent/coach/mentor ..) from North Sea Cup final in UK: "I've spoken with some coaches about the propositions I've already mentioned to you: the introduction of the 8.5 sail together with a bigger fin (tuttle box) and the introduction of the coloured sails which would really help our class in different ways.

With the 8.5 sail we keep the kids racing when they leave the U17 group and they will be prepared when windsurfing will be picked up again for the 2020 Olympic games (as the catamarans did)."

Weyman Lundquist (USA racer and parent of racers, club organiser) - "Hi Ceri, No problems here. I am staying the course with my windsurf program for youth (t293)." Weyman

Jari Laaasko (Finland) - "We are about to launch a 10 - member 293 training group for young sailors leaving the Optimist class. It should be up and running in July." Tt293 taking root in Finland.

Anil Madgavkar (President Boardsailing India) - "We are the apex body for promotion of Windsurfing in India. One of our windsurf sailors, and current National Champion, Mr. Donald Coelho, runs a windsurfing Academy in Goa. We are presently pursuing a youth development programme in India. We have recently put up a proposal to the Goa Govt for a Major World Championship in Windsurfing in Goa."

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