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26th October to 3rd November 2013
Eilat Sailing Centre, Eilat, Israel




European BIC Championship - Eilat

Bic Techno 293 Europeans 2013 - Video Highlights

Another great windsurfing season for BIC Techno 293 One Design class is coming to an end. Here are the highlights from one of the last big events this year, the European Championships in Eilat, ISRAEL. Warm weather, cloudless sky, action on and off the water and many old and new friends.

The smiles on their faces tell the whole story as winners are awarded their trophies and the championships come to a close. The final day started with stronger wind than the two previous days enabling the race committee to run three races. Thus 10 races each with 1 discard counted for the championship titles.

Youth Boys - 46 young men battled it out and three nationalities finished on the podium. The variable conditions during the week meant the top three places over the finish lines were spread throughout the top 18 of the final ranking list.

It seemed for the first half of the championship that Daniel Harari, Ofek Elimelech and Ukranian Oleksandr Goncharenko had the championship podium sewn up. Daniel and Ofek stretched their lead over Oleksandr who fell off the podium on day three when the discard came into play. Argentinian Francisco Saubidet Birkner made a dramatic leap from 15th place to 3rd having lost his disastrous OCS in the first championship race worth 47 points, and Russian Nikita Prozorov edged up into fourth place. Francisco now shared equal points with Daniel Harari who had slipped to second place, and Ofek was at the top of the leaderboard having discarded his race 3.

Oleksandr made a strong come back on day four, taking the bullet in race 7 to make it back on to the podium in silver position, while Daniel Harari lost his form and was in danger of sliding off the podium.

All to play for on the final day with three races. Although his last race ended up as his discard Ofek did enough to maintain his top spot and claim the title of Techno 293 European Youth Boys Champion.

It was a great day for the Ukranian Oleksandr as he took two bullets and ended the competition just five points behind Ofek. Russian Nikita Prozorov fared better then Daniel and thus claimed the third place on the podium.

1 ISR 639 Ofek Elimelech
2 UKR 46 Oleksandr Goncharenko
3 RUS 9 Nikita Prozorov

Youth Girls - A very close competition at the top of the fleet with Russian Mariam Sekhposyn finishing just three points ahead of Shoval Ravitzki and Noy Drihan on equal points separated by their discards at the end. Shoval maintained her top position on the leaderboard until the end of day four. Mariam had fiinished day one on equal points with Shoval but slipped to fourth on day two with a poor result in race 4. However, once this was discarded, she was back at the top once again sharing equal points with Shoval, both just one point ahead of Noy Drihan, as they went into the final day of competition. All three girls on the championship podium took a race win on day five but Mariam came out top and thus earns the title of Techno 293 Youth Girls European Champion 2013 after a very closely fought series of races.

1 RUS 13 Mariam Sekhposyan
2 ISR 615 Shoval Ravitzki
3 ISR 620 Noy Drihan

Junior Boys - Israelis Itai Kafri and Guy Sitin staked their claims on the top two podium positions from day two. Geronimo Nores from the USA seemed safe in third place until the end of day four when Israeli Adam Tzachar was just one point off the podium, then kicked Geronimo off completely on the final day.

Deserving a special mention is Yoav Cohen who won five of the ten races but, along with the first day leaderboard dominator, Dor Manoach, he was stuck with two "BFD" at 55 points each, only one of which could be discarded. There is a huge amount of talent in the junior boys fleet demonstrated right down the ranking list with personal triumphs and close competition but consistency rewards in the end.

1 ISR 309 Itai Kafri
2 ISR 303 Guy Sitin
3 ISR 961 Adam Tzachar

Junior Girls - Just 9 junior girls racing in this championship and Katy Spychakov was tough to beat winning 8 out of the 10 races, although second placed Lidia Sulikowska from Poland took the bullets in the second and fourth races. Competition was keen between Lidia and Yarden Isaak, Yarden being ahead of Lidia over the finish line five times out of ten but not doing quite enough to overtake her on the leaderboard.

1 ISR 630 Katy Spychakov
2 POL 313 Lidia Sulikowska
3 ISR 252 Yarden Isaak

Full Results / Day Five Video

The T293 Class warmly thanks the Eilat Nautical Sports Association for their wonderful hospitality, the race committee for providing excellent racing in challenging wind conditions, and all involved in staging a great event at a stunning venue. It's been a real pleasure working with "motivator" Ronnie Meir and his team.

Posted On:  02/11/2013 16:06:36

A short interview with Ronnie Meir:

- Manager, Sailing Club Eilat
- Head of Israeli Windsurfing Association
- Israeli Team Leader......( more )

Posted On:  02/11/2013 16:04:48

The smiles on their faces tell the whole story as winners are awarded their trophies and the championships come to a close. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2013 12:34:01

A more promising start to day 4 of racing at the T293 European Championships, and the hope of at last being able to complete three races for the first time in this championship. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2013 05:29:38

A frustrating day and only one race completed on day 3 of competition at the T293 Europeans in Eilat.......( more )

Posted On:  30/10/2013 16:00:42

A further dramatic change in wind conditions affected the racing schedule on day 2 at the Techno 293 Europeans in Eilat.......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2013 14:34:02

Home advantage really paid off on the first racing day at the 2013 Techno 293 European Championships in Eilat, Israel.......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2013 09:35:43

Competitors in the 2013 Techno 293 European Championships have been welcomed to the Nautical Centre in Eilat, a place where the sun always shines, with an impressive display of country flags flying at the Opening Ceremony. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/10/2013 06:34:44

The summer of fun is not over yet!  Once more you can meet your friends on and off the water from 26 October to 3 November in Eilat, Israel.  Still some starting slots available - hurry up, make your travel arrangements and start packing for the last big European event of the season!  See the video . . .

Posted On:  13/09/2013 08:57:47

September is the Hagim (holidays) month in Israel: the Jewish new year start, Rosh Hashana, Sukot week and between them Yom Kipur, the most holy Jewish fast day. During these holidays, Eilat, in the very south of Israel, becomes the centre for many citizens, as it is the ultimate Israeli vacation resort.......( more )

Posted On:  11/03/2013 10:59:22

The Notice of Race has now been published for the 2013 European Championships to be hosted in Eilat, Israel, at the home of so much associated with Israeli windsurfing. ......( more )


EARLY ARRIVALS Competitors arriving early are advised that support from the organizers can be arranged, in advance, from October 1 2013. For early arriving contact Ronnie Meir.

B EQUIPMENT FOR CHARTER A limited amount of charter equipment is available, please contact: mailtt293@internationalwindsurfing.comC PREVAILING CONDITIONS

Wind: 6-15 knots. Water temperature: 25 degrees. Air temperature: 20-30 degrees. D TRANSFERS

Transfers can be arranged from Eilat Airport to the event site. For details and cost please contact Ronnie Meir. E ACCOMMODATION

The area has accommodation available in all price ranges. The event takes place during the school holidays. It is therefore advised to book early. For information about the accommodation visit -

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