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World Sailing Approved Class and Equipment for 2018 Youth Olympic Games


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8. Techno 293 Plus
8.1 It is proposed to support an application to ISAF in November 2016 to become an ISAF Class.
8.2 It is proposed to adopt theClass Rules.
8.3 It is proposed to adopt the Championship Rules as amended by the AGM.


End of a Great Week in Club Nautico San Isidro
Posted On:  19/11/2017 10:57:15

Day 5, the last day of competition at Club Nautico San Isidro, brought a good breeze enabling completion of the twelve race series for all Classes.

Giorgia Speciale (ITA-1) and Celina Saubidet Birkner (ARG-403) were in a battle of their own in the female Techno 293 Plus fleet, not allowing any of their competitors in front for the whole competition, and they finished on 14 points each. In deciding who should take home the trophy it came down to the order of their scores in the last race (RRS A8.2) which had been won by Giorgia. Celina claimed the title of South American Techno293 Plus Champion (female). Enrica Schirru (ITA-76) took a well-deserved third place.

The Italians are clearly doing something right as, in the male Techno 293 Plus fleet, Nicolo Renna (ITA-150) finished with a perfect score, a clear twelve points ahead of Jim van Someren (NED-600) in second place, beating Belisario Kopp into third place. Belisario is the new South American Techno293 Plus Champion (male).

Techno junior Martin Reutemann (ARG-108) clearly found the stronger wind conditions more challenging but still finished 5 points ahead of his closest rival Rafael Llerena (PER-22). Matias Zavala Rodriguez (ARG-418) took third place on the podium. Constanza Almenara (ARG-317) deserves a mention because he put up a good fight, winning the first race of the competition and two of the races today, but sadly was one point adrift at the end.

Aklexia Garcia Guevara (ARG-400) performed extremely well to claim first in the Techno 293 Youth Female fleet and Alvaro de la Melena (PER-20) was first Techno 293 Youth Male.

This event has been a great chance for the Techno293 Plus sailors to test the venue of the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.  It has also been a great opportunity for young kids from different provinces of Buenos Aires to find out that it is not all about winning the competition, it is about having fun and trying to improve every day. With this philosophy they are all winners and some of them even get trophies as a bonus. The future of windsurfing in Argentina looks bright.

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