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World Sailing Approved Class and Equipment for 2018 Youth Olympic Games


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8. Techno 293 Plus
8.1 It is proposed to support an application to ISAF in November 2016 to become an ISAF Class.
8.2 It is proposed to adopt theClass Rules.
8.3 It is proposed to adopt the Championship Rules as amended by the AGM.


Almost There
Posted On:  10/08/2018 18:00:01

This was the last full day of racing in Liepaja, as the Race Committee wanted to run enough races today for all fleets to leave just 1 more race tomorrow to close the proceedings. Nerves were jangling, for the competitors because that meant an intense session that could decide everything, and for the Committee because the forecast was for thunder storms!

And with a window of just 3 hours between the last storm in the morning and the next forecast storm blowing in, they nearly pulled it off. In the end the two Techno Plus fleets were called back in as the afternoon storm began to break. Otherwise, all went according to plan, leaving everything set for a grand finale and medals ceremony tomorrow, when we will crown the 2018 Techno293 World Champions.

As for who might win, it's looking good if you're from a country beginning with the letter "I". In T293 OD, Israel is still dominating, with Mika Kafir (Junior Female), Naam Greenberg (Youth Female) and Daniel Basik TashTash (Youth Male, Gold Fleet) leading their classes for now, and Italy's Alessandro Graciotti (Junior Male) preventing a clean sweep. But some of the classes are very tight, and even just one race could make a big difference tomorrow. It's more clear cut in Techno Plus, where the Youth racers are also topping the leader boards in the Open class. Italy's Nicolo Renna and Giorgia Speciale currently occupy top spots and it will take something special to dislodge them.

But that's exactly what Techno racing is, special. So everything is possible in tomorrow’s closing races.

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