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The Techno 293 Plus Class is a "one–design" class devoted to fostering the development of windsurfer racing for competitors of any age, both male and female. 
Techno 293 Plus Class equipment is inexpensive, durable and easy to use; suitable for all racing formats - course, slalom and marathon. 
Techno 293 Plus equipment is readily available through a global distribution network. Techno 293 Plus Class - a universal, one-design, "funboard" racing class.
The Techno 293 Plus hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails shall only be manufactured by Bic Sport or their appointed manufacturers. Such equipment is required to comply with the Techno 293 Plus One Design Building Specification and will be subject to an approved manufacturing control system.
After Techno 293 Plus hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails have left the manufacturer, they may only be altered to the extent permitted in Section C of the Class Rules
Rules regulating the use of equipment during a race are contained in Section C of the Class Rules.
Event rules are known as Championship Rules and will be updated as the class develops.

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 One Design 8.5 Rig Package

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